Sunday, August 3, 2008

Consciousness, Reality, and Time

"Time is an integral part of the stationary Time-Space Continuum. What we perceive as a “movement of time” is in reality a movement of various physical, mental etc. processes in time (or more correctly in the Time-Space). We perceive this movement in a form of a swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock, or as the vibration of atoms in a caesium atomic clock, in the planetary movements or in the firing of nerve impulses and in the extremely complex processes occurring in our brain."

This is how our notion or our illusion of what we perceive as the “rate of flow of time” is created. Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel in his book: ”Man, the Unknown”, Penguin Books, N.Y., 1948, distinguishes manifestations of time as physical, inner, intrinsic, physiological and psychological. It is, of course, not the time which is altered, but the various courses of events which move through the stationary time at different rates.

"Thus, in the Time-Space Continuum we move through time, just as we move through space, but of course in one direction only. The past, the time which we have journeyed through no longer exists for us. It is in deaths hands. The future may or may not happen, as we ourselves may no longer exist, without any precognition as to when and how it is likely to happen. But happen it surely will. And the present, that instant moment of transition from the not yet existing (and possibly not ever existing) future to the non-existing past only manifests itself as a fiction. For as soon as we can think of this illusive, ever sliding from the future into the past moment, by stating: “Now!” - it is already gone, lost forever in the past. That, which we are attempting to catch as “present” is always instantly disappearing in the “past”. It is apparent to me, that in reality there exists neither the past, nor the future for us, and the present is intangible, illusive, continuously melting into the past. People say: “time goes”. But in reality “Time stays – we go”!

Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness, Reality and Time
September 2003 By Professor Alek Samarin
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