Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artificial, Public-Financed, Non-Profiteering Industry

While everyone in government is talking about "what we need" to get our economy going again, what is they are talking about?

They are talking about specific proposals to get the auto industry running again; to create alternative energy sources large enough to be of "use"; to create a mortgage system that will serve the people and not the "big pockets of the CEOs."

What they--everyone in government and everyone who supports the government's efforts and policies toward these ends--fail to remember is that under the doctrine of naturalism--that all things work to the degree they ought to work when left in their "natural state"--artificially created and managed industries are not natural to the nature of man.

As industries which would not be created naturally by profiteers, who seek that profit by offering what the public wants at prices it can afford, these artificially created and managed industries the government is talking about such as wind turbine farms and hybrid energy cars are already costing the public billions of dollars, in subsidies or other government handouts, years before any results are seen.

President-elect Obama seeks to sink as much as $100 million in ten years into "alternative" energy sources. This is our money. Are we going to make a profit? No. We are going to pay for research and development, because that has already been approved by the Fed and Congress. In the auto industry alone that is hundreds of billions of dollars. Now we are being told the Big Three auto companies will fail if they are not bailed out to the tune of hundred of billions of dollars more for simple overhead.

The American public will soon see that it has bankrolled almost (or more than) a trillion dollars--for products we will have to pay for again when we buy them. If windmill farms and compressed natural gas and clean-burning coal plants and nuclear power plants are economically feasible and profitable, then let the Boone Pickens, the Edison Lights, the Exxon Mobiles, and the others who have the industry knowledge and the financial backing do what they do naturally by seeking profits from these industries. And where there are government regulations standing in the way, make the government step aside. But if there is no profit to be made, there is certainly no economic reason for capitalist profiteers to get involved.

And it is never the government's mandate to "partner up" with industry and become its "big brother."

"According to Deumer [an early 20th century socialist banker], banks presently serve private interests. They serve public interests only inasmuch as these do not conflict with the former. Banks do not finance those enterprises that are most essential from the national point of view, but only those that promise to yield the highest return. For instance, they finance 'a whiskey distillery or any other enterprise that is superfluous for the economy.'" Daily Article by

What is "superfluous" for the economy is anything the public must finance, because if the public must finance it, it is not worth the cost of profiteers seeking to sell a product that people want. Products that create profit are products people want; and products that people want which then create wealth for the profiteers are what build the economy.

This is the metaphysically naturalist state of existence observed by capitalists as a veridical perception, which "is a direct relation of awareness between a conscious subject and an object of empirical or abstract content."
The relationship of the "conscious subject" to the "object" is subjective; in other words, it depends on the metaphysics of the conscious subject to determine: the ontological relationship between him and a product; the market for the product; the profit margin that is necessary; and the means of production. But in this case we are talking about whether or not the means should be financed by all the people in an effort to nationalize one industry or another; or whether the means of production should be left to those who can finance the economy with their profiteering methods.

It all depends on the relationship of the conscious motives of the subject, you, me, our neighbors, and Congress, the President-elect, and court justices who hear the cases against such public means of production as will certainly be heard in those courts. We know the way that Congress and Obama wish to go; we do not know which way all the involved courts will render: for sovereignty of the individual to decide which markets to support, or for the government's right to absolve we individuals of our right to support a market or withdraw our support of that market. In other words, whether or not we become the subject-citizens of a socialist state.

The means of production owned by the people in this country has already become a trillion dollar "industry," which is a bailout but which is being hailed as a "necessary evil" to save the economy. Yet, we already know the direction we are headed. You could say that we are like the deer in the headlights of an on-coming car.

Unless we prevent Congress and Obama from continuing with this nationalization of the means of production, that car is going to hit us, and one industry after another will collapse from an economy artifically supported, artificially because the industries supported by the government bailouts no longer have a purpose in profiteering. Now they have a purpose in spending our money to build us cars and to finance our homes which we must then pay for again with our purchases and our mortgages.

And when we no longer have any money left because we have been artificially supporting markets that ought to be profiteering from us, we are twice poorer for it--once financially, once morally.

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