Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Transdoxical Nonsense

I keep seeing the word "transdoxical" used in the Philosophy forum of Yahoo Answers (YA!), and it seemed to have a misleading nature, as if the users wanted to flumox anyone who tried to answer the question containing the word.

So, I Googled the word for its definition. I found exactly 4 references, none of which gives a serious definition demonstrating the word is in actual usage. What I found was this YA! "question":

"Transdoxical a word created in this philosophy section ( i believe by the master of points himself, Morpheus) that means beyond (trans) + opinion (dox). Panoptic, I'll let you find this seldom used word on your own." The poor grammar and syntax are (sic).

("Morpheus" is the screen name of a YA! user.)

The YA! question that made me inquisitive was this one: "What is the transdoxical character of the cosmos?" After seeing the word so many times I had to Google it. To my surprise, my first intuition about the word was correct; it is made up by the biggest, most foolish character in YA! philosophy.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online defines "panoptic" as ":being or presenting a comprehensive or panoramic view "

It appears obvious that "trans", meaning "across", combined with "opinion", has nothing to do with "panoptic".

If the attempt was not being made to pull the wool over people's eyes as to the existence of this word and as to its undefined "definition", let me put it to bed now.

"Transdoxical" is a non-sense word, intended to demonstrate the ability of this "Morpheus" character to demonstrate his ability to lead sheep to an oasis where no etymological water exists.

If that is too alliterative a characterization, let me say it this way: the word "transdoxical" is metaphysical bull crap.
P.S.; Now there will be at least 5 Google references to the word.

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