Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obama, Jindal, Federal Interference and the Tenth Amendment

Bobby Jindal is wrong. The Governor of Louisiana has been properly criticizing the Federal government for not allowing Louisiana to follow its own plans to protect its own waters and its own shore lines from the mess created by BP's oil spill.

"The Coast Guard told us yesterday – after weeks of reviewing our plan that they approved a single segment of just two miles to see if the sand boom works. This is another example of too little too late. We expressed this frustration to the President..." wrote Jindal on his official website. 

Jindal is wrong for allowing the Federal government to stand in the way of Louisiana, who will be the big loser, if Obama doesn't lose bigger politically speaking. But even political losses pale in comparison to what Louisiana is losing in natural resources, fish, wildlife, wetlands, and the industry of everyone in Louisiana; when the fishing industry comes to a halt, the Louisiana economy will begin to tank. Already the tourism industry including local restaurants that rely solely on tourism during the summer months is almost non-existent.

No, Bobby Jindal is wrong for not telling the Federal government to screw itself, and do what Louisiana knows it has to do. This would not only be the right thing for Louisiana, and for Jindal politically, because he would come out looking like David against Goliath. He would come out smelling like a rose, while the Obama administration would stink like the oil-drenched waters that could eventually ride the current all the way up the Eastern Seaboard after ruining the Florida coast, industries, and tourism.

But Jindal will come out smelling like a rose in the 2012 Presidential race, in which he is certain to be one of the front-runners. All the Republicans will smell better than Obama on the environmental front (let alone on the issues of Iran, the Afghan Presidential election and the Presidency itself, and jobs, jobs, jobs.)

This issue of the Obama administration telling the States what they can and cannot do to protect themselves, including investigating Arizona's new illegal-immigrant law, brings the Tenth Amendment issue closer to the showdown between Federal power and State's rights in the 21st Century.

Jindal might not win the Republican nomination, but he and the other Republicans will have a lot of ammunition to use against Obama and his policy wonks come election time, including this fall during the Congressional elections.

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