Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama's Game Plan

Listen to the language of [Socialist International],
and realize that Obama uses the same cloaked messages.

I subscribe to Act! For America's email newsletter. "I founded ACT! for America," writes Brigitte Gabriel, "because Islamic militants have declared war on America. I know what this means. For years, I witnessed first-hand how brutally jihadists treat non-Muslims.

"We are in for the fight of our lives and we must ACT! - before it's too late."

Gabriel grew up in Lebanon--when it was a mostly Arab Christian nation, and she watched as the Islamicists took over and the Christians fled, though a few do still remain behind in their native land.

Gabriel is not the only author and/or activist writing and working against, not Islam, nor the Muslim people, but against Islamicism, the insidious fascism in the mindset and the world-view of a comparatively few Muslims who do not recognize human rights. They recognize only the inherent slavery of Muslims to Allah.

In the blog Death By 1000 Papercuts (DBKP), authors "LBG and pat" write: "Once again we find where the most innocent of innocents, children, are being victimized and exploited by those who protest the Israeli siege of Gaza.

"Now we find that children are being exploited by Palestinian supporters in Europe.
During a pro-Palestinian rally in Brussels, children were rounded up in groups then forced to read slogans they clearly did not understand.

"Children were forced to carry banners and placards with messages of hate, while others were forced to wave flags of the terrorist organization of Hezbollah.
Children were allowed to set fire to an Israeli flag then watched as adults stamped on it chanting “Allahu Akhbar”.

"The most shocking exploitation of the children: at the end of the “demonstration”, the children were forced to lie on the ground in a “die-in” symbolizing the children who had perished in Gaza. Yet how many children have died as the result of being used as “human shields”?"

Act!'s recent newspage contained a link to the blog "Atlas Shrugs", in which Pamela Geller writes: "Of all the clergy in America ..... why her? Obama invites Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood linked ISNA [Islamic Society of North America] to offer prayer at inauguration. ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the same Hamas funding case that named CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] as a Muslim Brotherhood group - in the same Brotherhood document that speaks of its goal of destroying Western civilization from within."

Who is this female clergy? "Ingrid Mattson, the first woman president of the Islamic Society of North America," at the National Cathedral, no less. This means she will be speaking to all the members of Congress, all the former Presidents, all of the Supreme Court Justices, anyone who is anyone in Washington, and to the entire world because these events are broadcast so we Americans--and the rest of the world, including Islam--can watch, also. AP

So the President of an American Organization linked to Hamas, the Islamic Brotherhood, and CAIR, has been invited to lead the new President's prayer service. Is Obama an appeaser, rather than a uniter? Keep reading.

In Act!'s newsletter, we read this: "Since we emailed you on Monday and Tuesday about Hamas’ abuse and exploitation of children, the number of views of the video we forwarded (showing Hamas treatment of children) more than doubled. After we sent out the petition launch on Tuesday, the number of views increased by more than 120,000 in less than 24 hours--our bandwidth usage on our website was higher on Tuesday than it’s ever been. Today, we have another video for you to view. You’ll see in greater depth and detail how Hamas is brainwashing children and preparing the next generation of jihadists. The more we in the West see how Hamas is operating, the more we will understand why Israel has no option but to vigorously defend itself."

As if to explain the importance of Mattson's appearance at the Cathedral, Act! continues: "We will also better understand why appeasement of such evil will never lead to peace, but only serves to embolden the radical Islamists whose ultimate goal is to impose their doctrines on the rest of us, by any means possible."

"By any means possible" in this case means being invited by Mr. Obama. Obama is an appeaser. He has actually brought together the left and the right wings of American politics, keeping a Republican Secretary of Defence, nominating other more-conservative-than-liberal people to his Cabinet, while bringing in one avowed Socialist, if not more.

This is not fence-building nor fence-mending. This is compromise, and not of methods or plans or other things that legitimate compromise allows for. This is compromise of the principles of individualism, and because Islamicists want to dominate the earth it is a clear violation of the separation of church and state.

"When president-elect Barack Obama appointed Carol Browner to be his "energy czar" back in December, the conservative blogosphere was buzzing about her being a member of Socialist International, 'the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties.'

"At the time, she was fourth on the website's list of members in the 'Commission for a Sustainable World Society.'" NewsBusters

The Commission " has been established by Socialist International to articulate from the world of progressive politics a way forward to address global environmental concerns, climate change and the issues of governance required to deal with these common challenges."

Listen to the language of that, and realize that Obama uses the same cloaked messages. Never once did he ever admit to being a Marxist, but never once did he have to deny it because as far as I know no one ever asked him. Telling Joe the Plumber he wanted to "redistribute the wealth" was enough of a give-away, but he deftly managed to get around that thorny issue the way he is maneuvering about the Washington Beltway of politics.

The language is, first, that the Commission will "articulate from the world of progressive politics." "Articulate" used here is "cloak-speak" for "attempt to dictate, cajole, plead, embarrass, harass, and otherwise politically cage the world into progressive politics." Not from rational evidence-based science, but from progressive politics. Progressive itself is cloak-speak for collectivism.

How can I know this? The history of socialist language is full of such examples. The second example of such language is the Commission's statement that they "address global environmental concerns, climate change and the issues of governance required to deal with these common challenges."

Those issues are flatly stated as being progressive-politics oriented. Many of the members of Socialist International are center-left. If we were worried about a "New World Order" during the administration of Presidents Bush 41 and Clinton, we now are going to have Mrs. Clinton as our Secretary of State, Carol Browner as energy czar, and Mr. "redistribute the wealth" Obama as President.

I can't think of a game plan for a "new world order" of "progressive", i.e., socialist, politics than that plan.

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