Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yahoo Hypocrisy Over "Penis" Question

If a 13 year old girl goes to a Yahoo page that tells her women want big penises, will her father know that she saw the ad?

A few weeks ago I wrote Penises, Little Boys, and Internet Responsibility.... It was about how Yahoo and almost all the popular web sites including dictionaries, encyclopedias, search engines, online magazines and newspapers--in short, just about all websites--now have the advertising that screams, "Give Her A Bigger Penis!"

Well, not only am I tired of seeing the word, just as I got tired of hearing it 10,000 times when John and Lorena Bobbitt became famous for what Wikipedia calls an "incident", "in 1993 when Lorena severed John's penis with a knife."

She did it on purpose. Apparently women in Ecuador do it all to time to cheating husbands, so Lorena was deported back to her native country. John got it sewed back on, and became a porn film star.

But the press went crazy with the story, because for the first time in broadcast history they could say "penis" without worrying about why they were saying it and perhaps being fined, or fired, or condemned by right wingers. This was a legitimate news story--that was played out, and talked out, until the whole thing was just a joke so they could say "penis" on the air.

Then the broadcasters got tired of that story and found other reasons to say "penis." After all, it was now acceptable on-air. It was months before broadcasters got tired of using the word, and finally quit.

Now it's back in internet advertising. Once again I got tired of it, but this time I thought it was wrong that minors could see the advertising that told them--no matter how old they were--that they needed bigger penises.

If a 9 year old boy goes to the Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary and sees this ad, does his mother know it?

If a 13 year old girl goes to a Yahoo news page and sees the ad that tells her women want big penises, will her father know that she saw the ad?

So I raised the issue in a question I posted on Yahoo Answers, a forum where people ask question in any of a hundred or so categories from anthropology to zoo-ology. Since I was the top-rated questioner in the Philosophy forum, I asked my question there.

My account was deleted by Yahoo.

I wrote to Yahoo, not to protest, but to ask about their hypocrisy. I did not expect an answer of any sort except for a form letter telling me they had made their decision and that it was final.

I didn't expect anything more because that is how Yahoo handles all their Yahoo Answers problems. Violators of their rules are never told which rule they broke. They never get a personal handling of their complaint, question, or protest. All they get is a form letter.

So I merely want the world to know that Yahoo takes money for advertising the
word "penis" on their web pages and then won't let anyone talk about it. That's all; nothing more, nothing less.

I'm starting at the bottom of the pyramid of experts, again, because they deleted my Top Expert account, called Yaoi Shonen-ai.

Now I have an account called yaoishonenai. I figure in about 6 months I'll be back on top again. Why? Because 30% of the questioners and voters love my answers. Sometimes it's as as high as 35%. It's also because I answer a-lot of questions so 30% of a-lot adds up.

But I merely wanted to let the world know that Yahoo can take their "penis" ads and shove them up their "we-don't-care-about-justice-or-individual-users' " form-letter b*** holes and kiss mine.

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