Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama to Compromise Health Industry Principles

President Obama will soon remove job protections for people who disagree with him. The plan is already in motion

The Obama administration, in its effort to reform health care, is bringing to the table the health care workers who, fifteen years ago during the Clinton administration, were opposed to universal health care.

Accordin to the words of a TV reporter, the current administration believes no one can "own the table," as Obama seems to think the opposition did fifteen years ago. They want to bring the opposition to the table to "play nicely this time," said the reporter.

Bringing them to the table to "play nicely" is something I covered in a question I answered in Yahoo Answers. I used the example of "getting along" with people of other ideas, specifically Islamofascists. There are, in fact, Westerners who wonder why we can't get along with them.

I said that if we "played nice" with Islamofascists, it would be compromising our principles, not just things here and there that could be otherwise in order to get along. Islamofascists are taking over the United Kingdom, preventing elected officials from other nations from entering England to talk to the very Parliament who invited that official, who was sent home from the London airport.

Fortunately, Congress has seen fit to invite this same person, to watch his movie "Fitna." Islamofascism on the Rise and New World Order May Be Islamicist

I made the point that Islamofascists don't play nice. They cut off the heads of people who disagree with them. I don't want you or anyone "playing nice" with Islamofascists in the United States if it means my mother's head could be cut off because you misjudged the manner in which they "play."

Now it seems the Obama administration is going to do some very heavy arm twisting. They are going to force health care workers opposed to abortion, contraception, and univeral health care to "play nice" and forget what they are opposed to. Obama removes job protections for pro-life doctors and nurses

Did you read that correctly? President Obama will soon remove job protections for people who disagree with him. The plan is already in motion. Already, some doctors and nurses are vowing to go to jail rather than compromise on their principles.

And I have no doubt that under Obama, the Attorney General will go after any health care worker who lives by his own principles. The President is already reported playing dirty with Republicans, trying to split them from their base; it is being reported that the attacks on Rush Limbaugh that call him the "leader of the Republican party" come straight from Chief of Staff Rob Emmanuel, or at least have his blessing.

If the Democrats can push the liberal or centrist conservatives away from the outspoken Limbaugh and his listeners, then they have a better chance of getting those conservatives on their side. This is the way politics is played, but Obama has ulterior motives, namely to move those centrists further left, away from the Limbaughs, Shawn Hannities, Ann Coulters, and Glen Becks for the purpose of twisting their arms.

During the next four years we are going to discover how Mr. Obama does not "play nice." The misnamed " Employee Free Choice Act", or "check card," which Obama not only supports but who was taught his political tactics by ACORN who is now actively working with the unions for this legislation, is not "free choice" for two important reasons:

  • It is a "majority by one" democracy, which our Founders clearly had no intention of the U.S. becoming. The minority was to be protected from pure majority rule, which is why the Founders created this nation as a "republican" form of democracy. That means we elect people who then decide for us; we don't democratically vote on everything ourselves.
  • There is no "free choice" when everyone you work with and any union representative can see the ballot you have cast.

"Last year, the House voted for card check legislation, while the Senate defeated it. Price says members knew then that they could claim credit for voting for the bill without having it pass, since President Bush had vowed to veto it. With Barack Obama in the White House, the equation has changed. Obama was a co-sponsor of the bill last year and has said he would sign the law if enacted. In her first public appearance after being confirmed as labor secretary, Hilda Solis told 700 union members and community activists in Miami this week that she plans to work to help pass and then enforce card check legislation."

As for Obama's end to doctors', nurses', and other health care professionals' right to conscience, "An unnamed official told the Washington Post that the HHS [Health and Human Services] is concerned the rule is written 'so vaguely that some have argued it could limit family planning counseling and even potentially blood transfusions and end-of-life care.'" [emphasis added Catholic News Agency]

As testament to the idea that Obama supports "pure democracy" rather than a "democratic republic," Obama took a cyber-step towards greater transparency and interactive government with a new feature called "Seat at the Table" on his official website.

"We look forward to benefiting from the many more voices that will now be a part of the decision-making process," said John Podesta, who was co-chairman of Mr. Obama’s transition team.

Approximately three-fifths of Americans are Democrats or left-leaning independents. In a pure Obamian democracy, I have no doubt the minority will be given little or not protection from the majority. Writing of an Obama presidency before the election, Free Republic wrote, "it is a prudent thing to expect and plan for the worst, and hope for otherwise."

After all, free Americans can either sit back and watch our newly minted "redistibution-of-wealth" President redistribute not only wealth but political power to the "majority-plus-one" constituancy; it Americans can do the only thing left to them and that is to take it to the streets.

Expect a European "Summer of Discontent" here in the States, even it if doesn't happen in the summer.

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