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Shrugs--and Quaking--About Obama

While I am not a McCain supporter per se, it will be to the detriment in many ways if Barak Obama is elected President. There is too much about him that we do not know or understand, things that have legitimacy in the allegations whether the allegations turn out to be true or not; the fact is we don't know. The allegations run from Jesse Jackson claiming Israel's favored position in U.S. policy will change to the detriment of both our nations; to the claims made by Louis Farakhan that Obama is the "Messiah," to the suit over whether Obama is actually a citizen of the U.S. since he cannot or will not provide to a court--before the election--a proper birth certificate.

There is the truth behind the ties Obama has to Bill Ayers; to ACORN, including legislation to protect ACORN (see below:) to a scandal in the Chicago public housing sector; to the contribution made by the Obama campaign to a subsidiary of ACORN; to the contributions being scrutinized by the Federal Elections Commission regarding illegal contributions from Muslim's connected with terrorism.

The fact is, while McCain probably will cost the taxpayers less money (and Sarah Palin promised their administrations would balance the books in four years!,) and all of that will cost the nations's psyche less headache and less heartache which will benefit the worlds' economy as well, the language used by the McCain/Palin campaign is not that of free-market libertarianism. Just today Palin said "the market ought to be allowed" to do it's own thing--I'm certain she meant "to a degree acceptable to all the mixed-market supporters in both parties." ALLOWED, she said!

While it is the de facto truth that the government does indeed have the power to prevent the free market from acting freely, i.e., the power to not-allow the free market to be free, it is ipso facto not the socialism that the signers of the Constitution would have allowed had they thought it could ever come back to America, after being banished from the Plymouth Plantation after its first two years. It didn't work in 1620-1621; the Founders would have no fear--obviously--that such a political horror could ever return to America's shores.

Yet we are faced with the spectacle of leaders of both parties using the language of the mixed-econony.

Just two days ago Barak Obama literally told a plumber who said to Obama, "You're going to take more of my money, aren't you?", that he, Obama, thought it was necessary to "redistribute the wealth," which is the language of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.

And given the context of the answer to the questions, that is all we can conclude that Obama meant by his words. As his words stand now, he meant, take from the plumber to give to the plumber or the baker or the candlestick maker who, in Obama's own words, "is coming up behind" the success the plumber may have.

I endorse McCain only because I think he can pull of his bag of hat tricks, and at the same time keep our foreign policy on the track it would not now be on if McCain had won the Republican nomination--and the Presidency--in 2000.

Bush's Patriot Act, his war in Iraq, his support for Donald Rumsfeld, his fight against McCain's idea to dump "Rummy" and begin the surge, the 100% backing of the Democratic House of Representatives against fixing Fannie and Freedie two-and-a-half years ago when McCain made an issue of it, and Fannie and Freddie's capitualation in the 1990's to ACORN's tactics to get them to lend money to those who did not qualify--

all these things lead me to believe that McCain is no free-market supporter, but that his ideas are less collectivist than Obama's; that his foreign policy will keep the friends we have around the world, and that Obama's Presidency will reduce the self-esteem that American's lost when President Carter gave away all our power. Reagan's sweep of 49 states in that election immediately wiped out all the years of abuse that the left-wing Carter subjected this nation to.

The fact is, I believe that McCain is not only the lesser of two evils, but that Obama has a left-wing agenda that we cannot possibly understand until we see it in action. Curtis Edward Clark

Multiple articles from "Atlas Shrugs"

I bet you never thought I would have something good to say about San Francisco but hey if the FBI could finally call the Said honor killings an ...... honor killing, then anything is possible.

Props to the San Francisco Examiner for giving Atlas proper credit for breaking Obama's foreign contribution story in an oped piece here.
Examiner Editorial: FEC should start Obama audit now (hat tip ellen)

Unclear? What other motive could there be for using a phony name and a nonexistent address to make multiple small donations using a single credit card than to evade U.S. election laws? Such journalistic gullibility may explain why bloggers have been on this story for months and the Times is only now noticing. The Atlas Shrugs blog first broke the story of such suspicious donors behind Obama back in July after noticing little gems like this in the Illinois senator’s official FEC filings."

Obama and Chicago Housing Scandals--CHILD CRUSHED TO DEATH

Obama is up to his neck in the sewer of Chicago's public housing scandals, along with his mentor, convicted felon Tony Rezko, Allison Davis (Cullen's father), who's Obama's former law firm boss, and Valerie Jarrett, Obama's senior advisor. The Boston Globe reported that, as state senator, Obama directed millions of dollars of public funds to these cronies for them to improve public housing. Instead, they pocketed the money, kicked some back to Obama's campaign, and ignored the public housing in their care, sometimes to the point of outright abandonment.

The system worked beautifully for Obama, whose campaign coffers overflowed, and for his cronies who grew rich at the public trough. But for the poor African-Americans in these projects, who shivered without heat in the winter and endured collapsing roofs and sewage in their kitchen sinks, the system stank.

And for the parents of 3-year-old Curtis Cooper, it brought the ultimate tragedy, leaving them only a lifetime of grief and a lawsuit to pursue justice in their son's name.

Stay tuned for more Operation Exposé.
More here and here.

Obama shields ACORN from Criminal Prosecution in the Economic Crisis

Marinka Peschmann has a stunning piece in the Canada Free Press on the corrupt legislation that Obama is co-sponsoring to protect the crooks and thugs that put him where his is. Quid pro quo baby.

I liked it better when, as a Senator, he did nothing and voted 'present' 130 times. Did our founding fathers foresee a traitor being elected to the White House?

Not only did Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign pay more than U.S. $800,000 to a front of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, Now, ACORN, currently under investigation in a dozen States for voter registration fraud and bribery schemes, for “get-out-the-vote-efforts”; Obama co-sponsored legislation called the “Helping Families Save their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2007”-- that was supported by ACORN and protects them.

Obama as "Messiah", Farrakhan announces new direction for Nation of Islam

“We have restored Mosque Maryam completely, and we will dedicate it to the universal message of Islam, and the universal aspect of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It represents for the Nation of Islam, a new beginning,” Farrakhan said. (More here)

The dedication ceremony and a major address by Min. Farrakhan will take place on Sunday, October 19 at 2 p.m. The event will mark another significant development in the history of the Nation of Islam in the city of Chicago, which the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said would be the capital of Islam in the West.(more here)

Farrakhan says the re-dedication is about linking his group to the larger Muslim world.

These statements from Farrakhan come only days after he referred to Sen. Barack Obama as "The Messiah" (video here)

Please see this post in the Free Republic entitled "WHAT LIES BENEATH FARRAKHAN'S "MESSIAH"?":
Farrakhan endorsed Obama February 25, 2008

And Obama failed to denounce him. Remember this? "What happened in the debate last night when Tim Russert confronted Barack Obama about Louis Farrakhan? In real time, I thought that Obama failed to denounce Farrakhan and that Hillary Clinton caught it and confronted him. It was the single most impressive thing I've seen Hillary Clinton do in the debates. But then Obama managed to cloud things up and make her point seem silly, and she backed down. (Althouse)"

Note: I will be the featured speaker at the Center For Inquiry (CFI) meeting, October 16, 2008, in Portage, Michigan. The topic is "Atheism as a 'Religion' Protected by Courts According to the Establishment Clause" CEC

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