Saturday, February 28, 2009

Existence and the Big Bang Theory

I am continually confounded by the fact that people continue to ask where existence came from.

Actually, they are confusing existence with the material universe. They wonder where it came from, they question whether the Big Bang or Creation is the fact, and they wonder how "something" came from "nothing."

I have answered this before. I answer it everyday on Yahoo Answers. Here is the latest version I just published there:

"Q: How did everything come to be?
Whats your theory? God can't be explained because then where did god come from...not saying he doesnt exist. Also the evolution theory fails to prove our existance. The big bang also doesnt make much sense."

A: Existence is a self-sufficient primary. It is not a product of a supernatural dimension, or of anything else. There is nothing antecedent to existence, nothing apart from it—and no alternative to it. Existence exists—and only existence exists. Its existence and its nature are irreducible and unalterable." Leonard Peikoff “The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy,” Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

This doctrine is drawn from the concept of "nothingness." "Nothingness" cannot be the default of position of existence before anything existed. So you see where the contradiction is? It is this: If "nothingness" existed before "somethingness," then "nothingness" WAS "somethingness", in which case "nothingness" never existed---as in fact it cannot exist.

The Big Bang is not the beginning of existence. It's only the beginning of this particular incarnation of the universe. All the matter existed inside the mass that blew up. It is futile to ask where that matter came from. It didn't come from anywhere because that would require that before it came from somewhere, "nothingness" was the state of existence--which logically cannot be the answer.

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