Friday, February 13, 2009

See You Me and Julio and Obama Down by the Schoolyard

With a popular socialist President in office, it is now politically acceptable to ask for things the free market cannot support.
When Julio Osegueda asked President Obama about better McDonald's benefits, he demonstrated two important aspects to the new era we have entered having a far leftist President in office.
(Just because Obama judiciously chose centrists and even Republicans to serve on his cabinet does not mean his left-wing goals are diminished. It simply means he is astute at knowing how to get what he wants, and that is to go at it seemingly more slowly than it would appear--when it appears at all.
(I will explain what I mean about that below. For now, let's get back to Julio, and what his presence and his question means in this political schoolyard, where we are all learning what it means to be in a new world.)
"I've been at the same job, McDonald's, for four and a half years," Julio told the President, "because of the fact that I can't find another job. Now, with the fact that I've been there as long as I've been there, do you have any plan or any idea of making one that has been [sic] there for so long receive any better benefits than they have already received?"
The first important aspect posed by this man's question is the rising tide of popular socialism. What I mean is this: with a popular socialist President in office, it is now politically acceptable to ask for things the free market cannot support, while believing it is your right to have the things that market will not support. The left has always asked for such things; sometimes they have tried to demand them, and sometimes they have gotten what they asked for. Social Security, WIC, income taxes, and a strict limit of one conservative professor at any liberal college are just some of the things the left has been granted.
The price of being the leader in fast-food, where dollar menus are necessary to attract the poorest of customers, does not leave enough in the corporate treasury to raise benefits.
Ahh, but the corporate treasury has billions in it, you say! Look at the latest profit statements by Exon Mobil and WalMart and other leaders in their industry, including McDonalds.
Well, General Motors, Ford, and even Chrysler used to be able to report the same sort of record profits. Most pharmacuticals still do. What were most of these profits used for? Research and development. It now takes hundreds of millions of dollars and many years to get a new drug to market.
But the unions demanded more and more of those profits in wages increases and benefits; the auto makers thought they had to give in, which they did because of government interference through legislation and Federal oversight of union/company negotiations.
Now look at those companies. No, it isn't right when corporate CEOs and COOs and other executives take multi-million dollar payouts after record losses and after taking government bail-out money.
But the fact is, if the government had not screwed up in the first place by interering in the free market place, the economy would be that much freer to grow. With economic growth, new jobs are created. That means that people like Julio can move up the ladder, whether it's the corporate ladder of their present employer, or whether it means moving on to greener pastures. Sam Walton started out at the bottom, too.
Julio is paying the price that Michelle Obama explained: "The truth is, [ ] someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."
Julio is a small piece of the pie in an economy where millions are out of work and quickly eating every crumb of government pie crust the Feds can find to give them.
As I explained yesterday, the Depression of 1920/21 was tougher than this one, but America bounced back by the end of 1921 because the government kept their hands off the economy, and left the people in their wisdom to find the means of getting themselves back to work.
The second aspect of living under the "guidance" of a popular leftist President is that all those people who believe they deserve and all those who merely hope for more than their employers are giving them, are now free to stand up and ask if the President will help them--without risking the social backlash of appearing to want a bigger piece of the pie when others don't have any pie at all.
In Europe, that lack of risk has been to the advantage of the left for decades. Anytime they don't get what they want, they take to the streets. Often, they had leftist leaders who supported their demands, more or less, which were met in one form or another, leaving the protesters free to go home and wait for the next thing on their list of demands.
America has entered the European world that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher led them out of, with the support of President Ronald Reagan. But as soon as Mrs. Thatcher left office, the socialist democrats (note the lower case descriptions) won power again. The current Prime Minister of Great Britain, which includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, is Gordon Blair who hosted The Socialist International (SI) worldwide organisation of social democratic, labour and socialist political parties and its first meeting of its Commission for a Sustainable World Society, November 2008.
Obama is all about "sustainability." [1] Objective observers and conservatives say sustainability is unsubstainable, writing, "sustainability is a means to justify policies pushed by some interest group" or another [2]; and "Additional policies to promote sustainability are unnecessary as resources have become abundant." [3]
Though the new President has judiciously chosen centrists and conservatives for his cabinet, it was for two obvious reasons: 1) he wanted to get his cabinet up and running faster than any previous administration; and 2) this was because he knew his priorities would have to be slipped quietly into place, like Tom Daschele's health plan, outlined in his book Critical: What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis, in which he wrote, " Health care system should be run by a board like the Fed," and that it was so important that it should be "slipped" into a spending bill at the last minute so that no debate would be possible.
We are now living in a new "old" world of Marxist ideas that Americans have rejected for decades--except when they were slipped into the national debate like the necessity for "social security" in retirement, or when we were railroaded into things like "income taxes", and now the very un-transparent act of slipping into the "stimulus bill" in the dark of Friday night a plan to put the government in control of all American health services.
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