Thursday, February 19, 2009

Islamofascism on the Rise

Wilders thinks cutting off the heads of unbelievers is a bad thing; Islamofascists think it a good thing.

Monday I wrote how the New World Order, if it exists, isn't what we once thought it might be; that instead it consisted of governments' capitulation to Muslim sharia law. New World Order May Be Islamicist

Now, we hear about elected Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who flew to London after being invited to show his documentary "Fitna" in Britain’s House of Lords, was "escorted by two plain-clothed guards across the tarmac to the border agency office [who] were holding Wilders so tightly, one of Wilders’ personal bodyguards asked them to relax their grips."

Why? The UK is now deeply entrenched in takaful, (shariah compliant finance,) which means Islamists not only have demonstrations, riots and terrorism with which to threaten the Brits. They also have the power of money.

They were protesting and there were those in the British government who were afraid that Wilders’ visit would set off Muslim rioting or, worse yet, terrorist attacks.

As ACT for America has pointed out many times, "Britain has shown us the path we cannot take if we want to roll back the rising tide of the supremacist ideology known as Islamofascism. Every capitulation emboldens and empowers the Islamists, who predictably ratchet up their demands.

"Concerned Brits, far too many of whom have been silent during the past 30 years as Islamist demands and British appeasement have escalated, are no doubt wondering today what has happened to their country – and if there’s still time to win it back.

"Ironically, it was the great British statesman Edmund Burke who stated 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.'"

A Muslim, Lord Nazir Ahmed, and other Muslim leaders had vigorously protested Wilders’ visit, causing an initial invitation to be rescinded. It was reported that Ahmed had even threatened to mobilize 10,000 fellow Muslims to block Wilders from entering Westminster, a report Ahmed now denies.

Wilders short film called Fitna (Struggle), argues "in a powerful rhetorical way a causative connection between certain verses in the Koran and brutal acts of modern terrorism. At least some Moslems (sic) have taken it to be correct, differing from Wilders only in their moral evaluation of the injunctions that they have both found in them. He thinks cutting off the heads of unbelievers is a bad thing, they think it a good thing. [emphasis added] [condensed from]

"Baron Ahmed, who was born in Pakistan and raised in Britain, forgetting he is part of a liberal democratic system that cherishes freedom of expression and association, reacted with familiar jihadi-style tactics to Wilders’ announced appearance. Along with his threat to mobilize 10,000 demonstrators to block Wilders’ path [at the airport], it was reported Ahmed also intended to sue the member [Lord Pearson] who had invited the Dutch politician.

"And while the British elites and media may have wanted to keep the British people in the dark regarding the scale of this debacle, Ahmed had no qualms about publicising it. Labelling it what it truly is, Ahmed told Pakistani media outlets that the British parliament’s retreat was 'a victory for the Muslim community.'"[condensed]

No society or culture – including ours – is exempt from the truth of Burke’s words. If the travesty of what has happened in Britain can occur there, it can occur anywhere – including here – unless informed men and women of conscience and concern choose to act.

Don't think sharia isn't coming to the U.S. Muzzammil Hassan, founder of Bridges TV, is charged with murder in the beheading of his wife, Aasiya Hassan in Orchard Park, New York.

But the effrontery of someone beheading his wife, then being charged only with second-degree murder, is the least bizarre part of this case: Hassan founded Bridges TV in 2004 to combat the negative perceptions of Muslims that he thought were dominating the mainstream media, after his 7-months pregnant wife Aasiya said she didn’t want her kids growing up in the sort of environment that was anti-Muslim, an environment that apparently couldn't tell the differences between Islamic culture and Islamofascism. It was Aasiya's idea to create the TV network.

However, "Bridges TV from the beginning had ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case, and, which retails rabid anti-Semitic literature. In 2006 Arab News reported that Hassan was trying to raise money for the network from Saudi investors. Aasiya Hassan apparently had raised Muzzammil’s ire by filing for divorce." [condensed]

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